Yes, you can book THAT on the iluk app!

As many of you know, in addition to our iluk PRO SaaS product, we also run iluk app: our marketplace iluk app. iluk app is used to book last-minute appointments at the best salons and barbershops in town. We launched iluk app in Montreal and Toronto and expect more cities to soon follow. When people first learn about iluk, they tend to think of haircuts, mani/pedis and waxing. But, did you know that there’s a host of other salons that we work with and many other varities of services that can be booked on the iluk app?

We’ve created a quick round-up of some of the lesser-known services that you can book on the iluk app at some of our awesome Montreal salon partners.

How to Set your Service Area on iluk PRO

For those getting started as a mobile hair or beauty professional offering at-home services, we thought we’d prepare this helpful step-by-step guide on how to set your service area on iluk PRO. 

Setting up your service area is a key geo feature of iluk PRO. The goal? It lets your clients know whether you are able to travel to where they live or work for an appointment. 

Empowering Hair and Beauty Businesses of One with iluk PRO

While many independent hair and beauty professionals don’t consider themselves to be business owners in the traditional sense of the word, we at iluk absolutely do!

Independent hair and beauty professionals are part of a long-standing entrepreneurial category that has always existed but goes often overlooked: Businesses of One.