7 Trends for Fall 2019

Hair Clips - Barrettes

We did a little bit of snooping for y’all from our most trusted beauty sources (Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle) and summarized 7 trends for fall 2019.

1. Arty lashes

Either drawn on your eyelids and under your eye or the way you apply your mascara, lashes paired with art is in this fall. Does that mean eyelash extensions are a thing of the past? Make sure you keep your lips and face as natural as possible.

Artsy Lashes

2. Disco glam waves

Move over beach waves and let Studio 54 make a come back. It’s a clean, chic and elegant look that does not require that much prep time.

3. Disco makeup

Glitters, shimmer, gold, red, purple… on your eyes and on your lips. You name it, you are allowed, it’s one of the 7 trends for fall 2019.

4. Head bands

I don’t know about you but this “back-to-school” feeling reminds me of Gossip Girl. And Blair and her amazing headbands. The perfect accessory to glam up your already glamorous outfit or to add a little pizazz to a simple yet elegant attire.

5. Going natural

Totally opposite of the disco vibes, go for a natural face that seems makeup-free and glowing (like right after a facial or after…😉).

6. Barrettes

They are still going strong into the fall and winter as we saw on the red carpets of, amongst others, Chanel and Paco Rabanne. Some of our suggestions to shop for Barrettes : Simons and Womance

7. Centre parting

As simple as it is, it’s been seen everywhere. Simple parting of the hair straight in the center with a simple styling and natural shine.

Go ahead and be creative.

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