Am I reaching for the stars here? Not really.

Chloe is a 27 year old professional. She works in a consulting firm more than 10 hours a day. Her lunch breaks are never at the same time, if she has any. She juggles meetings, conference calls and getting her work done. Sometimes, meetings get cancelled and sometimes her tasks can wait. Her 11:30am meeting gets cancelled and her next call is at 1:00pm.

Right there and then, there’s a little light that comes on. She looks at her nails as if she had avoided to do so for the past few days (even weeks :O) and thinks “how great would it be if I could use this next hour to go for my much needed mani”. So she calls her favorite salon next to work:

Chloe: Hi, I’m calling to see if you have a last-minute availability in 10 minutes for a mani?

Salon: Hmmm… I have an availability this afternoon at 4:30pm.

Chloe: So nothing for in the next 20 minutes?

Salon: No sorry. But we do availability for the same time tomorrow.

Chloe: Alright, thanks. I’ll call back.

Chloe’s colleague Marie mentions the salon she usually goes to. She checks their Facebook first to make sure she’d even step foot in there. Seems fine so after quickly checking a few reviews on their FB page and Google reviews, she calls them (mind you 20 minutes have already passed so she has barely an hour to spare):

Chloe: Hi, I’m calling to see if you have a last-minute availability in 10 minutes for a mani?

Salon: I do this evening at 5:00pm or…

Chloe: I’ll call back if ever, thanks anyways! Have a nice day.

Chloe is running out of time. She remembers that little salon two blocks down that always seems empty. As she is pacing there, she is wondering which brands they use, how clean their instruments are, and how the service is.

The mani takes way longer than normal. The available polishes are either all glittery or candy colours. As they half-remove her cuticles by pulling until they bleed, she wonders to herself whether the nippers have even been disinfected before she arrived. As she walks to the cash and hears the price, she wishes she could run away with her money. Chloe is left with nails that are looking worse than before she walked into the salon, if that is even possible.

Chloe will call back another salon, work her schedule around theirs and move appointments to fix this mess of a manicure she got. And pay for a mani, again. And to do that, she will have to sneak out of a meeting before the salon closes for the day.

Imagine a world where when you want to book, you can do it on an app! Mani, beard trim, haircut, waxing, massage, etc. Yup, no rushing to call the salon or barbershop within working hours. No having to discuss with them for a good five minutes figuring out if their availability matches yours. You book in your fave salon, or in the best salons that you do not know YET when it best suits you.

No surprises: you know their prices, services, see pictures of their work and space and can even cancel and modify because life happens and you should be the captain of your own. ILUK is almost at your service. Show you are excited by signing up!

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