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We book for you so you save the time. We vet for you so you avoid the disappointment.

One of our subscribers and future user asked us last week if she could already book with the ILUK App. She absolutely needed a manicure before a last-minute business trip and did not have the time to go through phone tagging with salons and do her own due diligence. She’s a close follower of ILUK’s progress and so, although we were saddened to announce her that the booking feature is not ready yet, we were happy to help her find an appointment quickly, when she is available, and within a certain distance of her workplace. She provided us with 3 different availabilities for her gel refill and within 30 minutes we found her an appointment that fits in her agenda in a salon that is ILUK-vetted. She was happy to “delegate” the time-consuming task of booking a last-minute appointment, and we were glad to help her out.

Two days later, her sister sent us an Instagram DM and asked if we could book her a bikini and half-leg wax at her usual salon. She just did not want to spend time on the phone figuring out what suits the salon’s agenda as well as her own so she provided us with availabilities and we figured it out for her.

Yesterday, the sister’s boss sent us an email because he wanted to book a massage for himself and his wife. This time, he wanted a specific date but did not care about the place. Within 25 minutes, we got him a spot at one of Montreal’s most-trusted spas.

Today, we got two additional requests. All this to say… We are working on the booking app but in the meantime, we are happy to receive your requests and book for you. Delegate to save the time and the hassle of booking an appointment that fits your busy schedule, suits your budget and meets your specific needs.

Instagram DM @ILUKapp or email at Au plaisir de vous aider!

Happy Me-Time,


P.S. We have the ILUK Directory App in case you want inspiration on where to get an appointment. We only feature ILUK-vetted salons!


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