Bring it

You’re scared? Do it. You hesitate? Do it. Should you think about it twice? No.

Very rarely you face the situation where you have the luxury of doing whatever the hell you want to do, or say what you want to say.

So here I am. I have nothing to lose!

I want to justify my move back to Montreal, leaving my comfy job in Luxembourg, me jeopardising what I have built for the past three years. I am not sure I can do this now but I am taking a leap of faith and telling you in a few words what it’s been like.


But anything that scares you should push you forward. As soon as you feel comfortable, move. That’s the only way to learn. Comfort is luxury. But what comes after comfort? #Millenials will relate. We are in the now. Do we want to plan for tomorrow? Probably. The day after? It’s too far.

Happy Me-Time,


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