Burning fat has never been this easy.

1000 calories in a 45 minute session! That’s what the Slimwave treatment promises. We obviously needed to know more about this Godsent machine and so we asked Christine, the owner of a new beauty spot in town, to give us the 411. Fika Studio is a gem on Monkland that focuses on its clients and is truly building a community. Read on to learn more about their flagship treatment that burns that stubborn fat! Burning fat has never been this easy!

What is FIKA Studio and how was it born?

FIKA: Fika means “self-care” in Swedish. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee with friends, or simply enjoying the little things in life – this is where the name came from as I felt it encompasses everything I was trying to accomplish.  I have 3 kids ages 6, 4 and 8 months old and I was tired of going all over the city to get my nails done, grab a healthy lunch/snack, waxing, lash extensions etc., and I just KNEW I was not alone! So I put it all in one spot – a self-care studio. 

We even do specialized TRX resistance band training on Thursdays at 10:15 and a new Disco fit class for low impact options :). We boogie to the music and the ladies LOVE it!  We are all about the community, so we have classes priced very competitively at $14. This includes a thermogenic tea before class AND one of our yummy shakes after the class.

How long have you been opened for and what is your focus? 

FIKA: We are just finishing our 3rd month of business. We specialize in health and wellness paired with aesthetics; we want people to leave here feeling beautiful on the inside and out. This is why we focus on nutrition through our health bar.

What are the most popular treatments booked at your studio?

FIKA: The most popular treatment is the Slimwave. Aside from that we do a lot of custom nail art, lash extensions and spray tans. We really do it all, including teeth whitening, microblading and so much more!

Tell us more about Slimwave. Who is it for? 

FIKA: Anyone! Slimwave can target those stubborn areas of fat that workouts do not really get to. Think bra muffin top, love handles, between the thighs, etc. But really, it could be anything, even something as simple as an ab workout for someone who has limited mobility or an injury (fun fact: NASA uses it too).

What does it feel like? What are the benefits?

FIKA: It feels like tingling on your body and is similar to when your leg falls asleep but it is not painful at all.

There are so many benefits. Mainly, you burn 1000 calories in one session and sweat out all the toxins. You will be soaked after one 45 minute session (like dripping wet). We can do lymphatic drains and toning to burn fat. The machine uses electro muscle stimulation.

As Slimwave explains, many clients report an immediate increase in energy levels after their treatment, which is due to Slimwave encouraging the body’s lymphatic system to expel excess fluids and toxins from the body. Simply lie back and let Slimwave do the work: one 45-minute session is equivalent to over 400 sit-ups. All this, thanks to EMS (electro muscle stimulation) which also increases circulation of the skin and thus, texture and tone (buhbye cellulite!).

Is it a solution for the “lazy” that do not want to work out?

FIKA: We encourage our clients to workout in conjunction with Slimwave, and nutrition is key to their success. You cannot eat McDonalds and expect that Slimwave will fix everything.

How many session to see a dress size drop?

FIKA: Most clients “feel” it right away, results can be seen as early as 3 sessions in my own personal experience. We suggest clients take a 5 or a 10 package.

Does it target fat or are you really just loosing water?

FIKA: Slimwave targets fat cells and breaks them down allowing you to pass them (eliminated through urine and sweat).

What is the price point?

FIKA: One session is $90. Five (5) or more sessions is $80 each. Ten (10) or more sessions is $75 each.

What kind of experience do you want your clients to have?

FIKA: I want my clients to feel special, happy and most of all, fabulous about themselves!

What mood do you try to create for your clients?

FIKA: A relaxing yet upbeat space where it ooozes positivity :). Everyone is always welcome!

Why you instead of your competition?

FIKA: Our advantage lays in our full range of services. We also pride ourselves with the fact that we are mommy and baby friendly. You should not be limited in getting self-care treatments just because you do not have extra help.

Fika Studio is located at 5690 Monkland Ave in Montreal and offers Slimwave, manis and pedis, hair removal, fitness classes and more! Babies welcome 🙂 Burning fat has never been this easy!

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Burning fat has never been this easy. Burning fat has never been this easy.

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