Empowering Hair and Beauty Businesses of One with iluk PRO

Independent hair and beauty professionals are also business owners

Since soft-launching iluk PRO, we’ve learned a lot from our first users. These users are beauty and hair professionals. They are entrepreneurs and are passionate about their craft. They are also business owners. Here, we’d like to explore empowering Hair and Beauty Businesses of One with iluk PRO. But first, let’s back up.

While many independent hair and beauty professionals don’t consider themselves to be business owners in the traditional sense of the word, we at iluk absolutely do!

Independent hair and beauty professionals are part of a long-standing entrepreneurial category that has always existed but goes often overlooked: Businesses of One. 

A Growing Trend

In his book Company for One, author Paul Jarvis makes the case for solo entrepreneurship, arguing that the key to a richer and more fulfilling career is not to create a huge company or successful startup, but rather to be able to work for oneself. Instead of growing rapidly, Jarvis advocates for staying small, determining one’s own working hours and building a sustainable company of one. This, he argues, allows entrepreneurs to live a fulfilling life that they love, on their own terms. 

Source: Instagram– @jessthetics.mobile in Montreal

At iluk, we are huge believers of this philosophy and have seen a noticeable rise in beauty and hair professionals turning to solo entrepreneurship and becoming Businesses of One since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

iluk PRO – Designed for the Business of One

This is why we built iluk PRO, and where we believe we can help: by building an all-in-one management tool that helps independent beauty and hair professionals manage their business as effectively and professionally as the best salons in the biz. 

Our philosophy is simple: independent beauty and hair professionals are business owners and require efficient and professional tools to help manage and unlock the full potential of their business. iluk PRO therefore empowers Businesses of One by helping them unlock full agency and autonomy over their hours and their entrepreneurial vision.

Built in direct consultation with independent beauty professionals

We remove the painstaking administrative tasks such as back-and-forth messages and bring the booking experience online. We also built a variety of features into iluk PRO in direct consultation with beauty professionals who operate as independent Businesses of One:

  • Unique webpage where clients can book their appointments, thereby eliminating all DMs, texts and going back-and-forth over email
  • Online payments allowing clients to pay by card
  • Setting service areas and geo-fencing to let clients know how far and where they will travel for mobile services
  • Notifications and appointment reminders
  • Invoices and forms
  • Ability to offer special deals and promotions

The best part? iluk PRO is a mobile-first app. Independent hair and beauty professionals can manage their entire Business of One via their phones, on-the-go. 

We are only at the start of our journey at iluk, and look forward to continue leaning into what makes us unique. By helping Businesses of One level up their game and manage their businesses as professionally as the salon down the street, we can also foster entrepreneurship within the industry! In empowering Hair and Beauty Businesses of One, we at iluk want to help entrepreneurs feel fulfilled by running their businesses on their own terms.

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