Hair loss remedy

Did you know that we lose on average 60 to 100 strands of hair per day? Although it may be scary to notice a lot of hair falling, it is completely normal in most cases. Hair falling just means that other hair is about to start growing. Hair loss and thinning has a huge impact on one’s self-confidence. There is more than one hair loss remedy. Learn more about what causes loss and thinning and what remedies you can opt for.

hair loss remedy
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Hair loss causes

Nothing to worry about

Hair loss is common and not worrisome when seasons change, when you are hormonal and/or stressed and when you underwent a surgical procedure or are taking medicine, especially for cholesterol. This can last a few weeks and can be very scary and frustrating but nonetheless, is nothing to worry about. Your hair will grow back.

Get checked

Hair loss becomes worrisome when you start losing a lot of hair and when you see your scalp becoming more visible. Experts say that you should consult a doctor if after day three of washing your hair you have more than 10 strands of hair in your hand when passing it through your hair. A hormonal imbalance, lack of iron or a thyroid problem may be the cause of your hair loss and deserves medical attention. Hair loss is mainly due to a stiffening of the collagen sheath surrounding the root.


Finally, and know as spot baldness, alopecia areata affects less than 1% of the population and is very characteristic of small bald and circular patches. It usually affects the scalp and beard but can also affect other parts of the body. Spot baldness is believed to be due to an autoimmune disease that attacks the hair follicule and stops the growth.

Hair loss remedies

Hair loss remedy #1: Dietary supplements

Stress and your hormonal cycle often lead to a temporary shift in your diet (comfort food anyone?). Although you cannot prevent the normal hair loss which we experiment every day, you can make sure that your body is filled with all the necessary dietary supplements it needs to foster a healthy regrowth of the hair. Nutrients that strengthen your hair follicule include amino acids (like cysteine and methionine), zinc and vitamin B. Yeast in beer is very rich in vitamin B. Just saying 🙂

Hair loss remedy #2: Aminexil™

Aminexil™ has been researched for over a decade and has been taken seriously by institutions like Vichy and Kerastase to help people slow down hair loss and strengthen the hair follicles. The Aminexil™ will help keep the suppleness and impermeability of the collagen sheath surrounding the root mentioned above. In other words, the stiffening and thinning of the hair is slowed down.

Hair loss remedies

Aminexil™ is associated with vitamin B and arginine, both important actives for hair thinning and loss. Such actives stimulate the micro-circulation of the scalp which is necessary for an efficient transmission of the necessary nutriments to nourish the hair bulb. A strong bulb means strong hair! Aminexil™ is as efficient for men as it is for women.

How to use Aminexil™

Aminexil™ is found under various forms such as shampoos, lotions and vials. Vichy, a forerunner of treatments using Aminexil™ for hair loss, firstly suggests doing a 6-week cure of Aminexil™ vials, applying one vial a day on your scalp. The second step is to go through a maintenance phase, applying three vials a week on your scalp. Vichy claims that results are noticeable after 45 days of treatments and that you should go through the treatment for at least three months to see considerable results. You’ll definitely have to test your patience but if Vichy is right, there should be a 72% decrease in your hair loss.

Hair loss remedy #3: Cosmetics

Hair transplants

The usual hair transplants come to mind. Think Elon Musk before and after. It offers amazing results. But that comes at a hefty cost and is quite painful to go through. It requires a local anesthesia and allows for transplanting up to 4000 hair! It’s price tag usually starts at $4000.


Mesotherapy is another remedy which consists of micro-injections of pharmaceutical and homeopathic preparations, plant extracts and vitamins. It’s cheaper than hair transplants with a price tag starting at $250 for one session. It definitely does not beat the price tag of an Aminexil™ cure.

Visual effects

Finally, using a tattooing technique on the scalp, similar to microblading for the eyebrows, will help with the look of hair thinning and loss. This can be achieved in salons that are familiar with tattooing technique. Hair thinning and loss is very frustrating and may also be debilitating. Hair has a huge impact on self-confidence. Just the look of a more visible scalp may be very bothering for some. Do not underestimate that scalp pigmentation can greatly help with the overall look while you work on other remedies such as Aminexil™ and your diet.

Final note

I hope this helped answer some questions and get some remedies to tackle a problem that many of us face. ILUK has access to a great deal of hair experts so do not hesitate to send us your questions so that we can address them with the help of our amazing salon partners.

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