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Time is what we want most but what we use worst – William Penn

Are you like us? How many times during a week do you feel that there are not enough hours in a day? As students, we felt like that during the exam periods. All of a sudden, time was flying by and our nails were being neglected. But, overall, we were more flexible with our schedules and could fit in a wax or mani at times where the “grown-ups” were working and salons were more available.

Graduation came, jobs were landed and we suddenly became grown-ups. Working long hours with barely anytime for lunch or a coffee break meant that respecting our beauty regimen became a challenge. Notwithstanding that I lived in Luxembourg where shops are closed on Sundays and close at 18h the rest of the week. “Great”, I thought. How will I ever get my nails done? My waxing? All the salons are fully booked during lunch time and on Saturdays and I did not know many salons except those in close proximity to my house, or my work. Needless to say, my first few months of work were not blessed with flawless manicured nails.

My first vacation after I started working was to go back and visit my family in Montreal. My nails looked horrible, my brows were a jungle and I will not even mention the rest. And before you say it, “no, I cannot do my own manicure or waxing, I have no talent nor desire to become an expert at it”. Leave the job to the experts like you leave your accounting to your accountant. Anyhow- I’d finally have time to get everything done and be presentable again. I had a train from Brussels to Paris to then fly to Montreal. I wanted to book everything (mani, pedi, bikini wax and brows) for the morning following my arrival so that I limit the number of witnesses to my own neglecting.

I kid you not when I say that I spent the whole train trip (1h30) calling the few salons I knew in my neighbourhood back in Montreal and checking their availability. Either one was available for two treatments in the morning and the rest in the afternoon, or the other could only take me for one treatment but the timing was fitting better in my day (going back home for 10 days means a strict schedule for lunches and dinners as you MUST see everyone). I called all 5 salons I knew more than once to see who had what availability to offer. Where I initially wanted everything done the next morning of my arrival as early as possible, I suddenly became flexible to later during the day or to giving up on one or two of the treatments that became less pressing. It was like my needs were being tendered to the various salons but they had no clue. I was so desperate and so unwilling to live another day with my un-manicured self, I was ready to succumb to the salons’ restrictive propositions, go to more than one salon so that all my treatments could be done or worse, go to any salon, good or bad, so that I could look at my nails again without cringing.

As the train was pulling into Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, I was exhausted, my long distance bill was surely going to be a bad aftermath of this whole me-trying-to-maximize-my-free-time-in-the-train and I was flabbergasted with the fact that booking beauty was so time-consuming. Me-time should be easy. After all, we pay for it and it is supposed to be a moment of pleasure with ourselves (no pun intended). We work all week and on top of that, we work to get some relaxation? That did not, does not and will never make sense. Everyone needs a Me-Time app where they can book their beauty, hair or spa treatments in less than 5 minutes, in a few taps, in trustworthy salons. We know you need it too because we are you. 

Happy Me-Time,


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