How to Add Your Services

Last week, we went over how to set your service area on iluk PRO. This week, we’d like to go over how to begin adding your services on iluk PRO. When you first create an iluk PRO account, you will see a checklist prompting you to complete your initial account setup. Adding your beauty and hair services is one of the first things you should implement when setting up your iluk PRO account. In this post, we will walk you through how to do this so that your clients can book appointments seamlessly.

This process is easy peasy and can be done in 4 easy steps!

This demo shows you the entire process, but we will go through it step-by-step.

Step 1 – Navigate to the Services Menu

When you first log into your iluk PRO account, you will see the account checklist setup window. You can navigate to the services menu by either clicking on the prompt through the checklist window or by tapping “More” on the bottom right of your screen. Both will take you to the My Services menu.

Navigate to the My Services menu

Step 2 – Adding a New Service Category

Once in the My Services menu, the next step will be to add a new category. To do this, you will be prompte to give a Category Name, select a Category Type, and write a Category Description.

A category is just what it sounds like: the main category in which various services can be grouped.

In this example, we can see that the beauty pro wants to add a “Facials” category. They first name the Category “Facials” and select “Face” from the drop-down list of category groups.

Click “Add New Category” and give the Category a Name

Once they’ve selected the Category Type, they could also look to give a Category Description such as “Our famous facial treatments!”

Select Category Type, input a Category Description, and Save

Step 3 – Adding Your Services

Once you’ve created your Service Category, you will be prompted to begin adding all the various services you offer that fall within that category. Tap on “Add New Service”. You will be asked to give the Service a name, write a description, and indicate the price of the service as we can see below.

Add Services to the Category you just created, give it a name, description and set the price

Next, you will be prompted to add the service duration. The duration is pre-set in 15-minute increments. Once you’ve selected the duration, tap “Save” to add this service to your Category,

Select the Service Duration and Save

Step 4 – Repeat until Complete!

Once you’ve saved your first service, repeat this process until you’ve added each of the services you provide with a given Category. To add additional categories (eg: in addition to facials, you also offer nail services), simply select “Add Category” and begin Step 2 once again.

Repeat this process until all of your services are listed

There you have it! In only 4 easy steps we have gone through how to add your services to iluk PRO. Once you save a new Service, your clients will be able to view and book them via your personalized booking page

We hope this was helpful! Stay tuned for our next tutorial!

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