#HUMANSOFILUK: Sebastian, Crisp MTL

Our second #HUMANSOFILUK feature is Sebastian, owner of the well-known modern & minimalist barbershop @crispmtl in Montreal. Read how Sebastian took a leap of faith and made a drastic career change that led him to open one of the best barbershops of MTL.

We ask our partners to select 3 questions to answer to but Sebastian (@ssss.eb) felt inspired and we dig his answers! We are getting to know our partners more and more and are happy to share with you how awesome they are!


Lockdown Q&A

What’s the thing you’re missing the most during lockdown? Social interactions and being able to see my team everyday. 

What’s the first thing you will do after confinement? Get a haircut haha.

Did you try a new skill or pick up a new hobby during lockdown? I was able to start cooking again, I had put that aside before because I was always so busy.

Any food you’re missing right now? One of my favourites restaurant, Sumac, is closed, so truly missing that spot!

Business Q&A

Why did you name your barbershop CRISP? CRISP is the perfect word to define anything on-point. Whether it’s the environment we’re in, our services or our vibe, it defines us really well. 

What’s your craziest goal (even if it might sound silly)? My craziest goal is to have CRISP on an international stage doing education.

Where do you see yourself or your business in 5 years? I see the business having expanded with more salons and more international exposure in the education field. 

How long have you been in business? 2 years

How/Why did you get started in this business?  I used to be a software engineer that used to cut hair as a hobby. I was never happy with what I was doing, I felt I wasn’t developing my creativity enough and had almost no social interactions. Having travelled around the world, I was able to see different types of barbershops and felt that I could open a unique one here in Montreal.

What makes your barbershop unique? I think what makes us unique from any barbershop is that we’re a culture-driven shop. In other words, we are not just barbers cutting hair. We try to relate the art of cutting hair to other cultural fields such as fashion, art and music. This allows the conception of new ideas and trends through the medium of hairdressing.

Miscellaneous Q&A

What’s your absolute favorite beauty/grooming product that you cannot live without? (holy grail)? Not sure if this counts, but my dyson hair dryer 

Your favourite motto/quote and why? Favourite quote at the moment is “a setback is a setup for a comeback”. We are about to make the biggest comeback ever once we get back from lockdown.

Name 3 of the founding values of your barbershop. Humility, creativity, consistency

What was your first-ever job? (or first job in this industry) Being a student painter

Go-to karaoke song? “In da club – 50cent”

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done? Open a business with no experience whatsoever

Thank you Sebastian for you amazing answers!

Stay tuned for our next Q&A to learn more about who are the humans behind the best salons and barbershops of Montreal and Toronto!

The ILUK Team 😉

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