#HUMANSOFILUK: Sharleen – Annie Young Spa Boutique

Meet another of our #HUMANSOFILUK. Sharleen is the owner of the renowned Annie Young Boutique Spa – (@ayboutique) situated in the same building as Victoria Park in Westmount. Her mother Annie started the business some 40 years ago. While Sharleen had initially other life projects, an unfortunate car accident led her to pivot and come back to Montreal. What she had rejected younger had eventually become a passion: cosmetics, beauty and business.

The rest is history. Sharleen and Annie are a dynamic duo managing the family business that was born out of a small makeup studio at home. They are the perfect example of what hard work and passion can result in. Annie Young is now not only a hair and beauty salon but also a spa and makeup school! They work hard at ensuring an exceptional client experience and set the bar very high for other salons.

Sharleen’s Q&A

Sharleen Annie Young Spa Boutique
Sharleen Annie Young Spa Boutique

Thank you Sharleen for you amazing answers!

Stay tuned for our next Q&A to learn more about who are the humans behind the best salons and barbershops of Montreal and Toronto!

The ILUK Team 😉

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