Did You Know: We Now Have iluk Merch!

This is post is part of iluk’s Grow With Us series, where we unveil a little bit more about who we are as a company, the founders behind the scenes, what we are building, our values, and what we stand for. (see last post’s here). iluk Merch is Here!

iluk Merch is Here!

Well, we are officially one month into 2022 and we’ve been busy innovating and planning big things for the iluk app. While we can’t go into the details just yet, we do have some other exciting news to share. (think of it as an appetizer before the main course. Wait, does that make it an appeteaser?)

The news: we’ve dropped some awesome iluk merch!

That’s right, we now have some fun apparel that we believe both reflects who we are as a brand, as well as pays homage to our roots.

Wait, a tech startup selling merch?

While we certainly don’t plan on going into the apparel business full-time, we created our iluk merch with several goals in mind.

Beyond having some awesome iluk-branded swag that we were excited about wearing, our merch was a creative project that came to life after a business brainstorming session.

You see, as an early-stage female-led startup with the goal of supporting small businesses, sometimes we forget that we are a small business ourselves! Since iluk is fully bootstrapped the founding team, we thought that designing some fun merch could be a great way to help bolster our cash flow as we grow.

Besides, we knew that creating a sense of belonging around the iluk brand was also something very important to us. In addition to kick-ass looking apparel, we also wanted to give back to the community.

We therefore decided to donate a percentage of each and every sale of our merch to Chez Doris, a MTL-based nonprofit that provides shelter as well as essential services to houseless and vulnerable women in the city (check them out, they do GREAT work!)

The Collection

We decided on two lines for our merch drop: the iluk collection and the Bonjour, hi! collection.

The iluk Collection

Our iluk collection merch is designed for those who pumped about iluk and want to show the brand some love. You can show off your iluk swag by grabbing some tuques/beanies, tote bags and crewnecks!

The Bonjour, hi! Collection

If it isn’t clear by now: we love Montreal! We are proud to be a MTL-based startup and love all that makes our city iconic and unique. Our Bonjour, hi! collection is a playful ode to the wonderful city we call home.

For this collection, we partnered with local Montreal illustrator Diana Pinnell to help us with these awesome designs. We believe it captures the spirit of Montreal and Montrealers.

For our MTL-themed merch, we designed tote bags, tuques/beanies and crewnecks in a variety of fun colours (although, we also have black for those who like to keep it classic). Some of our faves include our Bonjour, hi! Montreal skyline tote, our le bagel crewneck (because we all know that NYC’s got nothing on MTL bagels), and our Bonjour, hi! pompom tuque.

You can check out a few of these awesome pieces below.

To grab some merch, click here and check out our shop !

Thank you so much for all of your support and for helping to spreading the word. We do not take it for granted!

Karine & Stacey

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