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iluk PRO is not just another SaaS and appointment management software. When we first started iluk, it was never our intention to enter the SaaS game. We figured that there were too many well-established players in the space for us to compete meaningfully. We also saw that most of our salon partners in Montreal and Toronto were already using a SaaS provider. Instead, we decided to focus on the iluk app and build up our marketplace.

That was before COVID-19.

When we realized that salons would remain shuttered for a while during the Pandemic, we pivoted and reevaluated our SaaS stance. We realized that not only did many of our salon partners use old and outdated software that they weren’t completely happy with, but there were many gaps in the market that had yet to be filled.

So? We got SaaSsy and decided to throw down the gauntlet. We developed iluk PRO and focused on areas and features that we believe set us apart from the other beauty management softwares out there. I’ve outlined a few ways in which iluk PRO is not just another SaaS.

A SaaS with a Face

The first and biggest strength we have as a SaaS is the fact that we are a small and dynamic startup. This may seem counterintuitive. But, being the new kid on the block allows us to be 100% dedicated to each and every customer. It allows us to build real human connections with each person who signs up with iluk PRO. Not only are we easily reachable, but we are able to provide 1:1 customer support and assistance for iluk PRO that would be impossible from the larger players in the space. Need help setting up your services? Have some feedback on a feature we should be building? Is something not working? We are readily available to not only assist, but to actively listen to your feedback in order to improve our product.

Believe it or not, many of our current iluk PRO features started out as suggestions by our customers! We are the newest player in the market which allows us to quickly make changes and fill the gaps of older and more traditional players.

There are real life humans behind iluk PRO and this human touch and customer-centric approach is our most valuable asset. Plus, iluk PRO is Canada-based and made with love in Montreal. That’s right – nous sommes bilingues et pouvons également vous aider en français!

For Salons AND Solo Professionals

We have seen a tremendous shift within the beauty industry over the last year. More and more hair and beauty professionals are turning to entrepreneurship and becoming their own boss, rather than working in a traditional salon. We have built iluk PRO to capture this shift.

iluk PRO is one of the first SaaS products that caters to the needs of BOTH traditional salons with many employees, as well as solo professionals. We did this by incorporating key features needed by each type of business. This includes inventory management for salons, and deposits and personalized booking links for businesses of one.

We Help Beauty Businesses Go Mobile

Since the beginning of COVID, we have also seen many beauty professionals begin offering mobile services from the comfort of their clients’ homes. More and more people are continuing to opt for at-home services. Beauty and hair professionals increasingly need an appointment management software that reflects the unique needs of mobile appointments. For example, the ability to set your service area to let clients know what neighbourhoods you’re willing to serve, as well as charging for city parking fees through the app. Spoiler alert: you can do this using iluk PRO!


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that running a business is costly. Overhead costs and expenses add up FAST. In order for our customers to get the most out of their bottom line, we priced iluk PRO to be one of the most competitive SaaS products on the market. iluk PRO is only $15 per month for individual professionals, and $50 per month for salons with a team of 6 employees, iluk PRO’s pricing is an extremely affordable option for those in the biz to manage their businesses effectively.

Memberships and Loyalty Programs

We know that client retention and loyalty is important. After speaking with many of our customers, we knew that incorporating loyalty programs into iluk PRO was a key feature. Do you offer monthly beard trim memberships? Annual waxing subscriptions? Blowout loyalty programs? Exclusive discounts? You’re able to set all of this up in iluk PRO! In implementing this feature, your clients can book all of their appointments with you online, while still participating in any memberships or loyalty programs you’re promoting. How awesome is that?

We hope we’ve piqued your interest enough to show you that iluk PRO is not just another SaaS. We’re a small and passionate team who are ready to shake things up in the industry and provide both solo beauty pros and salon partners with an even better software to manage their business.

While we are just getting warmed up, we’re proud of iluk PRO and the milestones we’ve achieved so far.

Did we miss anything? Is there another feature that we absolutely must implement? Leave us a comment below!

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