Key To The City partners with ILUK for salon perks!

ILUK has partnered with Key To The City (Toronto and Clef de Montréal aussi, oui oui!) so that you can also benefit from the ILUK Club membership. Hence, you get 15% off on all of your salon appointments booked on the ILUK app.

You are a Key Holder and enjoying all the perks in restaurants and at events? It doesn’t stop there! You now have access to the best salons with a discount every time. Indeed, ILUK is an app to book last-minute appointments at the best salons, spas and barbershops in town. Therefore, you can forget about the Google search to find where you should book your manicure, facial or beard trim. We did it for you.

Key To The City VIP Perk Partners

Use Key To The City and ILUK to have the best salons at your fingertips

ILUK went through the whole due diligence process so that you don’t have to research the “best salon near me”. In fact, our salon partners are the best in town because they offer you the best customer service, use the best products and their interior design is on point. Get your Instagram ready!

15% off on appointments

Thats’s right, you are one lucky Key Holder! In addition to the amazing benefits you get in restaurants and at events, you now get to enjoy a 15% discount on all of your salon appointments as an ILUK Club member. And not any salon. Indeed, ILUK only partners with the best salons, barbershops and spas in town so that you are guaranteed a great experience every time you book. Similarly to Key To The City, ILUK carefully hand picks its partners to offer ILUK users a curated experience that has been vetted for quality.

Redeem your benefit

You are a Key To The City Holder. Consequently, you are technically already an ILUK Club member. All you need to do is to firstly download the ILUK app (iOS or Android). Secondly, create an account with the same email registered with your Key. You can then instantly enjoy 15% off on all of your salon, spa and barbershop appointments. Find, book and pay for an appointment in less than 40 seconds. In addition, you can even tip on the app to avoid that awkward mental calculation at the cash. Go in, get pampered and groomed and walk out.

In addition, it’s unlimited and forever, as long as you are a Key To The City Holder. 40 seconds is all it takes to get an appointment. It’s as simple as that.

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