Manned Up Already?

I’ve heard a lot about how girls are completely against their man shaving their beards off into the relationship – “I signed up for a guy with a beard”. I kinda relate 🙂

So for all the gents here that want to take it from boy to man within a few weeks, here are a few tips on how to grow a beard based on some valuable knowledge gathered from our fave bearded men, as well as from pro barbers. Manned Up Already?

Some intense peeps will tell you NOT to touch your beard for a good three months. That’s plain crazy if you have… a job, a significant other, people to meet, or simply if you want to get out of your house without looking like a caveman. The whole idea though is to let it grow with as little grooming as possible for a good 3 to 4 weeks. It may look patchy in the beginning but you gotta bite the bullet. Go extra on your outfit and it might fly. Fun fact: some hairs will grow faster than others so it’s just a question of grooming as you grow so that it’s all the same length. Your neck and cheekbones (which usually are the most patchy) should be kept nicely shaved. This is the time to look into barbershops that will take care of your beard. Download the ILUK Find app (iOS and Android) to find the best spots in Montreal.

crisp barbershop - Manned up Already

Manned Up Already?


Now that your are working on your beard, you have to maintain it. Here’s how:

1. Wash your face! If you’ve neglected this up until now… no comment. Just get to it because with a beard, it’s even more important since you have hair covering your skin. No one wants to see dandruff snowing every time you touch your beard.

2. Get some good beard oil. It’ll make your beard look smooth and won’t feel scrunchy. Ulei de Lux is a great Montreal-based brand, cruelty free and their scents are bomb! While you’re at it, get your girl some facial oil or a bath milk, she’ll love it.

3. Last but not least: beard comb! Especially if you’re struggling with a patchy beard- it’ll change your game. We know you’ll thank us.

The extra mile: a beard balm. It sets everything in place and you can now go out and flaunt your smashing beard!

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