Ombre Powder Brows are one of 2021’s Biggest Beauty Trends

I don’t know about everyone else, but the past year and half in lockdown and semi-isolation has made it very difficult for me to keep up with the latest trends. Whether it be the resurgence of 90’s fashion, understanding the new lingo (those Gen Z expressions hit different) or keeping up-to-speed with the latest beauty trends, coming out of lockdown these last few weeks has felt like coming out of a time machine. As I started digging into some of the newer trends to emerge on the scene, one in particular caught my eye: Ombre Powder Brows. After further research, it turns out Ombre powder brows are one of 2021’s biggest beauty trends.

According to Pinterest’s 2021 Trend Report, bold brows are in this year. Goth brows, colourful brows, and even eyebrow tattoos have seen a huge uptick. Ombre powder brows are another popular trend of the year, with a 50% increase in year-on-year searches on Pinterest.

So what are ombre powder brows exactly?

Ombre Powder Brows. Source: Pinterest

What are Ombre Powder Brows?

Ombre powder eyebrows are one of the newest semi-permanent methods for shading and colouring eyebrows in order to achieve a perfected shape and fill in sparse areas where hair cannot grow naturally. The technique for this beauty treatment is such that it creates a sort of gradient effect. In addition to a perfected look, ombre powder brows have the advantage of lasting a very long time: up to 2-3 years!

Difference Between Microblading

While many people are familiar with microblading, ombre powder brows are slightly different. The main difference lies with technique and how the pigment is deposited into the skin.

Microblading uses a pen-like hand tool to carve small cuts into the skin. The technician applies small blades on the epidermal layer to make small hair-like incisions. The pigment is then deposited into those small incisions which resemble individual hairs.

Ombre powder brows are achieved using a machine that resembles a tattoo pen. However, instead of penetrating deep into the skin, a single needle is used to deposit extremely fine dots of pigment. This is what creates the powder-like effect. Hundreds of dots are applied to the epidermal surface at once which creates that ombre gradient.

Benefits of Ombre Powder Brows

According to this article by Tint Brow Studio in New York, there are several benefits in opting for ombre powder brows vs. microblading.

First, ombre brows are less invasive than other semi-permanent solutions such as microblading. With microblading, repeated incisions into the same spots can cause trauma to the skin more quickly. With the ombre powder brows technique, this does not happen.

Many people report that ombre powder brows are less painful and cause less bleeding than microblading. “With ombre powder brows, minimal to zero blood surfaces during the procedure” according to Tint.

Finally, not only do ombré powder brows last much longer (2-3 years), they are also suitable for all skin types, even oily skin!

Well there you have it! For those like me who had no idea what ombre powder brows were, consider yourselves informed! Ombre powder brows are one of 2021’s biggest beauty trends so I am sure we will continue to see more beauty professionals offer these services to their clients.

And of course, for those who have begun specialising in ombre powder brows, you can use iluk PRO to manage your brow business!

Have any of you tried this technique either on yourself or on your clients? Let us know in the comments!

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