Recognize a superhero!

Most of us have been in confinement at home sitting on our couch chilling or on a chair still working. Keyword: home. That’s our part in helping contain the virus. But let’s take a minute to think about the front liners, the people that go to work and expose themselves to contagion every day so that we can be safe, healthy and fed.

We want to encourage all of you to take a moment to recognize someone in your family, circle of friends or community that plays a role in managing this virus crisis. It could be a health care worker, bank teller, pharmacist or supermarket employee. If you’ve been ordering food a lot, take a moment to recognize that your delivery person is going out there so that you can eat your dinner!

At ILUK, we hold this cause dearly in our hearts because we have family members and friends that show hard work and bravery every day. Hence, we decided to start a Recognition Campaign to encourage you all to recognize your personal Superhero. Sometimes a little thank you goes a very long way. Today’s superheroes are taking care of us. Let’s take care of them. Let’s show them our love, support and recognition by offering them a gift card to get some well-deserved pampering once life goes back to normal. By the same token, you’ll help a local business stay afloat until they reopen their doors. It’s a win-win. The ILUK App has some of the best salons, spas and barbershops in Montreal and Toronto. Those are great spots that guarantee some quality me-time to your Superhero once they get a break and salons start business again. 

recognize a superhero
It could be a health care worker, bank teller, pharmacist or supermarket employee.

Again, this is the time to act as a community. By sticking together, we will be stronger. ILUK does not make one cent on gift cards bought during the crisis. We are trying to do our part. Help us help others. 

Special shoutout to two of my dearest friends, Julia Elbaz and Martin L. Fuentes. She works at the bank everyday to service your needs and he works at the ER screening patients to keep us healthy. 

Stay safe everyone,


To learn more about our Recognition campaign : Support your favorite salon and Recognize today’s superhero

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