Solutions to the most common skin problems in the fall

We are definitely stepping away from scorching-hot days, suntanning, pool and air conditioning to weeks of wind, rain and colder weather. Our tan is disappearing as we speak and our skin is adjusting. But don’t worry, we’ve got you! This article is about solutions to the most common skin problems during fall.

Learn about easy solutions to the most common skin problems in the fall such as:
🍂 dryness
☀️ sun and age spots
😠 irritation and flakiness
👵 fine lines and wrinkles

Solutions to the most common skin problems in the fall that lead to discomfort

Skin feels and looks dry

The most common skin problem associated with colder weather is this pulling feeling due to dryness of the skin. This can also be associated with your hydration level (do you drink more than 2.5 L of water per day?), your diet (one too many takeouts?) and your beauty routine (facial oils may change your life!). Here’s a few tips to resort to your skin feeling and looking dry.

1 One of the easiest solutions to to the most common skin problems in the fall is opting for tepid water instead of hot water to wash your face and if you use a washcloth, make sure it’s gentle. We highly recommend the Jane Iredale micro-fiber cloth!

2 Cleanse and gently cleanse your face with a soap-free cleanser to remove excess dirt and dead skin. Follow with a toner as it helps close pores to reduce the penetration of impurities and contaminants found in the air in the skin. Toners can even balance out the PH that results from the chlorine and minerals found in tap water. We love the one from Cocokind! Finish with a moisturizer in the morning and night cream before going to bed to hydrate and revitalise your skin.

3 Beauticians recommend getting a facial at every season-change in order to give your skin a deeper cleanse that is difficult to achieve at home. Skin experts in salons always adjust the facial to your skin-type and needs (obvious tip: we have amazing beauty salons that are well-renowned for their skin services).

Solutions to the most common skin problems
Cleanse the impurities away and always hydrate!

Irritation and flakiness

We tend to eat lighter during the summer because of the heat. Moving into colder weather usually means comfort food higher in fat and richer fruits and vegetables. These changes lead to a dietary imbalance which translates into inflamed, irritated and red skin. Here’s what you can do and take to help your skin adjust.

1 Start taking a daily multivitamin if you are not taking one already. Make sure you keep foods rich in fatty acids as part of your diet to keep a glowing and healthy skin (salmon, tuna, chia and flax seeds and nuts are just a few examples). Find a more comprehensive list of foods rich in fatty acids here.

2 Avoiding hot showers and baths is a tip I personally cannot follow but perhaps you can. Ideally, the water should be lukewarm and you shouldn’t be exceeding 10 minutes.

3 Having the right bedding goes a long way because you need to avoid overheating while sleeping. That’s why you should choose breathable and natural fibres: to allow your skin to breath and to avoid skin irritation.

Solutions to the most common skin problems in the fall that may lead to self-consciousness

Sun and age spots

It was only a few days ago that you were tanning in your garden, trying to get the last bit of UV rays to sun kiss your skin. Many of us skip the SPF thinking that we tan more without. However, this leads to a damaged and quicker-aging skin. This does not naturally fade over time but here are few tips to remedy to sun and age spots.

1 Next year, wear sunscreen! Prevention is key. You will tan just as much but will protect yourself from sun and age spots.

2 Have regular checkups with your doctor and/or dermatologist to verify the spots are nothing to be worried about (such as melanoma).

Fine lines and wrinkles

As my father says, you cannot fight gravity. Aging is inevitable and we should embrace it! No one likes the thought of fine lines and wrinkles though and there’s a few things you can do to avoid them becoming more visible.

1 Hyaluronic Acid has been a hot topic for the past few months. Many serums and creams now include this ingredient known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps with skin dehydration which is often a reason why fine lines are more visible. I personally swear by The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 serum but there are other great brands offering similar alternatives. It’s great on all skin types and really helps with hydration.

2 As mentioned in my previous point, hydration plays a huge role in the appearance of fine lines. The solution to that is what you should be doing already anyway: drink a lot of water everyday (at least 2.5L) and reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol (right! ;)).

3 Did you hear about facial yoga? Just like the muscles of your body, your face’s muscles should also be exercised to keep your skin tight and toned.

4 Use a facial oil for more mature skin such as the Montreal-made Ulei de Lux anti-aging facial oil with Squalane, Rosehip, Seabuckthorn and Evening Primrose Oil.

5 Use a Gua Sha (quartz stone) to help with puffiness, sculpting and blood circulation. You can purchase it from Beauties Lab in Montreal and read more about how to use it and its benefits here.

Hope that helps! We would love to hear about your tips and tricks to fight the effects fall has on your skin.

Happy Me-Time,

Karine ✌️

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