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As a second wave of COVID-19 is hitting the world, we at ILUK are just fed up with it. The unknown can stir some anxiety and negative feelings as we crave for some normalcy. Hence, I decided to give you a few ideas on how to take care of yourself at home. Taking care of yourself is not just about beauty tips, it’s about enriching your mind, body, soul and taste buds!

Take care of yourself at home #1: Meditation

Guided meditation. How to take care of yourself at home.

I’ve always felt a little weird about meditation because it is (still) a foreign concept to me. I got acquainted with the practice thanks to Samantha from @thefitfatale and her daily meditation lives and stories on Instagram during lockdown. You can check out her highlights on Instagram to get an idea. I challenge you to sit in a quiet area of your home and watch one of her meditation sessions until the end. See what it does to you but one thing I can guarantee you is that it can only be good for you. You can also try out Headspace, an app for guided meditation.

#2: Skipping rope

Exercising in general is good for your health but one of my best friends currently got into skipping rope and she just loves it! There’s a whole movement about skipping rope- kind of like spinning or HIIT back in the days. What I like about the idea of skipping rope is that it’s similar to yoga: you can practice it anywhere! Travelling and lack of props cannot be an excuse for skipping a workout anymore because all you need is a skipping rope. If you want to elevate your rope skipping workout, go for a weighted rope which also works out your arms. It ends up being a full and short workout session that targets a lot of muscles and your cardio. The Jump Rope Dudes are skipping rope superstars so I suggest you check them out to understand better what skipping rope does to your body. And the before and after pictures are so motivating!

Take care of yourself at home #3: Get into a productive hobby

I won’t even get into the “learn a new language” speech. Less commuting due to home working means more time for other things and although I LOVE Netflix, it cannot be good to do just that during your down time. I learnt how to make my own sourdough bread from scratch during lockdown and there is really nothing more satisfying than seeing my sourdough bread starter starting to live and for my bread to rise before baking it. Sourdough bread is delicious and good for your gut. If that’s not your jam, how about getting a social media certification, undertaking a DIY project to refresh your interior design or even starting to write? Try something new.

#4: Cook more

What you feed to your body has an impact on your mental health so taking the time to make yourself wholesome meals is highly beneficial. Try to include more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and lean meats and try to avoid sugar and foods high in saturated fats. Canada has amazing food bloggers with great clean recipe ideas. Some of our favourites include @choosingchia, @erinireland, @alatable.ca, and @thegirlonbloor.

Take care of yourself at home #5: Spa nights

How to use a Gua Sha. How to take care of yourself at home

I recently saw a post by Leanna @leannahefter where she opened up about her anxiety during these trying times. One of her remedies to calm her spirits is to have spa nights with her husband where they pamper each other with massages, facials, Gua Sha sessions and quality time. I love that idea! I’ll definitely be trying that out and getting myself a Gua Sha. We particularly love the one sold by Beauties Lab but you can find them anywhere.

#6: E-drinks

One thing I did a lot during the first lockdown was e-drinks. The whole concept of having to stay home and this feeling of agitation surrounding simple things such as seeing family and friends and buying toilet paper was really new to all of us. All of a sudden, scheduling e-drinks/coffee was so normal. Who did with friends and family before COVID-19? Not many of us. But suddenly, it became something we were looking forward to. We would schedule it with friends and family, prepare snacks and tune in to talk about COVID-19, how crazy it is, how there’s no more toilet paper and how we are all coping and working from home (for the most part). We would compare apéros and chat about the latest recipe we tried. I LOVE that! Unexpectedly, we started connecting more frequently by video with friends that we would see more rarely over dinner because of work, family and just life getting in the way of pencilling in a one hour coffee date. If you haven’t done this and you’re missing social interactions, send a message to your friend suggesting to have a drink over video.

Take care of yourself at home #7: Order in

A lot of your are already doing it and it’s fascinating to see that even huge platforms like UberEats have rallied to help restaurants stay afloat during these crappy times but we cannot stress it enough: support your local businesses that have been there for you after late working nights, early mornings and special events. Statistically, we are cooking much more and that’s great! But, take a moment to let someone cook for your and order in dishes you wouldn’t normally cook for yourself. Craving the palak paneer from Bombay Choupati (in West Island Montreal) as I am typing.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones and don’t hesitate to try new things at home. The bonus? It saves you money too! Together, we will come out of it stronger.

Happy Me-Time,


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