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Throughout this whole journey of building a vision for ILUK I’ve had to make crucial calls both on a personal and business level. Needless to say that personal prevails on almost everything but when you’re building a startup from the ground up, it’s difficult to separate the emotional decisions from the business ones. I think many salon owners and independent beauticians/hair dressers can relate to this. Anyone starting their own venture should be able to relate to this. Your family, love relationship and friendships take a toll.

If it’s your own business, personal factors inevitably play a role into how you will structure and run your brand and business. And obviously, taking risks means your closest peeps will have an opinion on your venture because ultimately, it affects them too.

That’s why who you surround yourself with is crucial. Your intentions and motivation are the foundation of how you will bring a venture to the next level but if you do not have the right support system, all of it is for nothing. I’m surely lucky to be able to say that my business partner is like family.

Stacey being the OG, it’s been a blast to reunite for 48 hours in #MTL to strategize. This has allowed us to take yet another (calculated) leap of faith. I’m happy and excited to say that ILUK is growing with a common purpose on all of the team’s minds. Having lived many changes in the past 9 months, this change does not come easy but is sure exhilarating. But I am up for the challenge. Let’s see where this journey takes us, shall we?

Happy Me-Time,


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