The essentials for Osheaga 2019

Montrealers are blessed with their own Coachella – the Osheaga Festival. And it is finally here! Here are the essentials for Osheaga 2019

This weekend will be filled with locals, Canadians, Americans and others flying in for the great music lineup the festival has prepared for all music lovers. So, we heard flights coming in from NYC, Toronto, Vancouver and Paris are full of people coming to visit our beautiful city for this weekend’s event.

As we speak some are getting their nails and hair done to be Osheaga-ready. As a matter of fact, Livia Martin is getting a mani at our salon partner V&O Salon in Montreal! If it’s your first time attending a music festival or if you are a repeat goer but feel like you were ill-prepared at your last one, here are a few tips:

Credits: MIMS Osheaga 2018
  1. Wear some sneakers or booties instead of heels or sandals. The festival is taking place at Parc Jean-Drapeau. It gets dirty, and you run a high risk of getting your feet stomped. Ouch!
  2. Second of all, Sunscreen! It will be sunny and hot two out of the three days.
  3. Wear a cute backpack or belt bag and forget the purse to store all of your necessities. Throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care!
  4. Band-Aids. Do not let blisters kill your mood.
  5. A power bank or charging phone case. We know you’ll be instagramming all day. It’s no doubt one of the essentials for Osheaga 2019!
  6. Add a hat and sunnies to your outfit. It will be hot.
  7. Pack a sweater or jacket to keep you warm if you stay all through the night. It can get chilly.
  8. A blanket if you want to get away from the crowd to get comfy and enjoy a snack, a drink and the music.
  9. Thermal water to spray on your face. It cools you down and keeps your skin hydrated and glowing.
  10. Finally, be prepared for rain. You never know.

Looking forward to seeing your outfits and looks although we do believe a music festival is about the music! So, don’t stress about what to wear and enjoy the beats! Obviously, Gucci Mane, Francis and the Lights, Childish Gambino… Le rêve!

Happy Me-time,


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