The keys to my ride

Taking a leap of faith is relative. Everyone has their own idea of what “taking a leap of faith” means. But here’s mine.

My niece and I strolling home. #MTL

If your gut tells you to do something against all odds, and you go for it, that is taking a leap of faith, in my own words. So that’s what I’m doing with ILUK. It’s not just a business venture, it’s going back to my roots. I grew up in Montreal and aside from my childhood memories in Sainte-Julie (priceless ones might I add), my most formative years here have been those in high school, Stanislas. I’ve built some of my most valuable friendships, had my first attempt at love relationships and did the “400 coups” that any of us can relate to when thinking back about high school. And those years led me to the incredible journey I’ve had in Europe for the past 8 years, which ultimately brought me back here.

And throughout these years of being away from home and building a home away from home, I’ve fashioned values that are fundamental to anything I’ll endeavor going forward.

Integrity, mutual respect, community, balance and motion.

Integrity because yes, you work hard but you also have to be humble and admit your wrongs and acknowledge everyone’s role in your personal victories.

Mutual respect because… well… treat others like you want to be treated so that’s self explanatory.

Community because you’re a product of your environment and I’m lucky to say that I’ve been blessed with a diverse one that has taught me many things I could not have learned about should I have been closed off or in a different setting. Contributing makes you grow.

Balance for the simple fact that you can work your ass off but if you don’t take the time to appreciate your basic needs like family, friends and a healthy lifestyle, there’s no way your way of living is sustainable. 

Motion: moving forward, rolling with the punches and trusting your ever-growing self. Learn from your mistakes and make the most of it. And don’t wait to make your next move.

I’m still navigating all of that but I hold myself to these standards and hope my personal (first and foremost) and business endeavors will be a reflection of that.

Written on Thursday #tbt for a Friday full of motivation.

Happy Me-Time, whatever that means to you.


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