Three Benefits of Joining ILUK

As we approach Halloween, we want to take a moment to talk about a salon owner’s worst nightmare. The thing that keeps you up at night, that makes your skin crawl, that makes you shiver with terror. Yes, you’ve guessed it: empty slots. Even the words can make you jitter. Here are the three benefits of joining ILUK.

Fill Last-Minute beauty and hair appointments
Yes, you’ve guessed it: empty slots.

The nail-biting prospect of having empty slots at a salon can prove to be nerve-wracking for many small business owners. You want a revolving door of customers to keep you busy, generating revenue at a level that is consistently high enough to pay the bills.

If your salon business is looking to increase revenue, you have two options: you can either charge your existing customers more or take on more new customers. In raising the price point of your cuts and curls, you run the risk of alienating existing customers. Whereas if you take on more new customers, your existing customers will go unaffected for as long as those empty slots still exist and you can still accommodate everyone. It’s a total no-brainer. But the question is: how do you approach the challenge of obtaining new customers?

Well, ILUK might be able to help you with that. We’ve designed a secret weapon for your salon business to use for keeping those ghoulish spirits at bay. It comes in the form of a stylish, new app – helping consumers find great, local salons, with appointments that match their needs, schedule and budget. What’s not to love? Here are the 3 major benefits of having your salon featured on ILUK.

1. Reduce No-Shows

When it comes to appointments, there is nothing worse than having a no-show. It can feel like a real kick in the teeth. It might have also been an ideal appointment for another customer who ultimately didn’t book quick enough. When people book an appointment at your salon on ILUK, we have a cancellation policy that is purposefully constructed to assist in limiting and reducing last-minute cancellations and no-shows.

2. Fill Last-Minute

No matter the lengths we go to limit no-shows, there will always be occasional appointments that never materialize due to family emergency and other unforeseeable events. After all, our customers are only human. On top of that, pff-peak hours during the week are inevitable. At ILUK, we’re always looking for ways to help salons make the best of bad situations. With this in mind, our platform matches you with last-minute bookers, making sure empty slots never go to waste.

3. Get New Clients

If you’ve been in the salon game for a while now, chances are you already know that reaching out to potential clients that do not know about you proves to be difficult. When salon owners contemplate the idea of increasing their exposure, they often worry about the marketing costs involved. Fortunately, with ILUK, your salon benefits from our social media marketing and influencer campaigns, pushing you in front of your target market. It’s like a match made in heaven!

Are you ready to build a winning partnership with ILUK? Together, we can fill those empty slots and place you at the fingertips of potential new clients in your local area. Get your salon to join ILUK today.

Happy Me-Time and Happy Halloween,


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