What’s Old Is New Again

This week, I thought I’d take a deep dive into a beauty trend that has been blowing up all over my Instagram these last few weeks.

Let me begin by saying I’m not sure how or why beauty trends begin, but one minute it feels like the whole world is into boy brows and coloured freckles, and by the time I catch up, the world has moved into the next new thing.

I refuse to get left behind again. That’s why this week, I thought I’d feature a current beauty trend that I fully intend to try asap, at least before it goes out of style.

So without further ado, this latest and greatest beauty trend is…..

……drumroll please…..


Huh? What? Babyboomer nails? Tell me more!

Think of it as a new take on the classic French manicure where ombré is incorporated to have seamless nude-to-white gradient. It’s great for an understated, timeless look and quite frankly, I’m excited to give it a try!

According to Pinterest’s 2018 Global Beauty Report, pins of this particular nail design are up 100% so I feel like I’ll be seeing more of these types of manicures over the coming months.

Let’s look at some more #Babyboomernails on the ‘gram:

Source: @natalia.kozyra1
Source: @longlerie_et_studio
Source: @dorotaborzecka.she.nowysacz

But wait, why are these manis referred to as Baby Boomer nails?

The jury’s out on this one, but some seem to think it’s because frosted nudes and whites were the top-selling polish shades in the 1940’s (aka, the Boomer years). Others think the names come from the classic old-time look of the mani.

Frankly, I don’t know if I buy into either of those explanations, but this is a trend I plan on trying on my next visit to the nail salon.

And you? Have you tried Baby Boomer Nails? Anywhere in Montreal you recommend for the best #boomermani?

Happy Me-Time!


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