Why You Should Take Your Business Mobile

Why should you take your business mobile? If you’re an independent beauty and hair professional on the fence as to whether you should begin offering your services in your clients’ homes, now is the perfect time to level-up your business and go mobile. The best part? It’s never been easier!

With iluk PRO, you can easily manage your beauty business on-the-go and have total control over how and when you offer your clients at-home services.

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So, for those who need that extra push to get going, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 reasons why you should take your business mobile with iluk PRO:

1- Meet Your Clients Where They Feel Most Comfortable

Let’s face it, this Pandemic has been hard! It’s also changed the way people think about getting their hair done or how they go about booking a wax or mani. Many clients still feel uncomfortable with the idea of going into a salon these days, despite all the painstaking work salon owners have taken to ensure safety and sanitary measures. After over a year of lockdowns and curfews, clients now feel most safe and comfortable when they’re at home. By meeting clients where they already prefer to spend their time, you’re able to differentiate yourself from all the salons and independents who make clients come to them! 

2- Lower Overhead Costs

Renting a chair or transforming your home into a full-fledged salon is expensive and carries tremendous overhead costs. By taking your business mobile, you’re able to reduce monthly overhead costs such as rent, fixed equipment, hydro and water which results in a fatter bottom line for you!

3- Reach a Wider Customer Base

When you work out of a salon or out of your home, the majority of your clientbase will likely live or work nearby. No matter how amazing or talented you are as a stylist, people will often prioritize convenience over everything else. By taking your business mobile, you’re able to branch out and serve different neighbourhoods, regions or towns where your customers normally wouldn’t travel from. This means you’re able to cast a wider net and acquire new clients much more quickly than staying in a fixed location. 

4- More Flexibility and Control Over Your Business

By taking your business mobile, you’re able to have more flexibility over where and when you want to work. For example, when renting a chair in a salon you often have to operate within the salon’s opening and closing hours. Offering at-home beauty services means you are the one who makes your own rules. Want to work only during the evening? Able to work during bank holidays? No problem! On iluk PRO, you’re also able to specify the exact neighbourhood and areas you want to service. You have total control over how and where you manage your business

5- Keeping up with Innovation in the Industry

The beauty and hair industry is undergoing tremendous change, especially since the beginning of the Pandemic. Since March 2020, more and more people expect convenience and digital services. They are turning to contactless payments, online bookings and at-home services. These trends are unlikely to go away, even when our COVID-19 days are behind us. By bringing your business online and offering mobile services that clients can book quickly on their phones, you’re ensuring that your business stays relevant and is able to keep up with the shifting tides. 

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